g/N Study

I interpreted a single letter combination in multiple ways. I started with a 2-D study, reimagined the study as a 3-D sculpture, and transformed the sculpture back into a 2-D poster.

Letterform Combination Studies

Letterform Combination Studies   Each of the four studies on the left uses two black letters that do not touch. The four on the right use one black letter overlapped by one white letter. The design on the lower right, a lowercase g overlapped by an uppercase N, was my muse for the rest of the project.

Letterform Combination Sculpture

Letterform combination sculpture   This is the g/N form interpreted as a bristol board sculpture, which I then photographed.

g/N Poster

Full Poster   I used the g/N combined letterform, a photograph of the g/N sculpture, the individual letters g and N, and the title "Letterform" to create a poster exploring typographic space.