Baskerville H Quartet

The sole building block of this poster quartet is a capital Baskerville 'H'. The 'H' appears in black and white, and multiple scales and rotations, taking advantage of both straight edges and curved serifs. Each poster measures 10x16 inches.

Primary Poster

Primary Poster  

Square Motif

Square Motif   The remaining three posters are composed using this crop from the primary poster.

Vertical Symmetry

Vertical Symmetry   For this poster, I rotated the motif only in 90 degree increments, and kept black and white in equal proportion.


Asymmetry   Here, the 90 degree rotation continues, but the composition is asymmetrical and the proportion of black and white is unequal.


Transparency   The last composition uses transparency to create a more layered effect. Rotation is in 45 degree increments.