Petite Sweets

This project includes identity, packaging, and a promotional poster for luxury fudge samplers. The samplers contain three miniature tins of fudge and a spoon.

Petite Sweets Open Package Petite Sweets Back of Package
Front of Package Bottom of Package Open Package

Packaging   The packaging allows the consumer to see straight through to the fudge. The color scheme subtly suggests chocolate. The type scheme contrasts a bold condensed sans serif with a light slab serif. The wrap-around stickers on the tins provide a freshness seal as well as a side flavor label.

Petite Sweets Promotional Poster

Template   I created a template for all parts of the packaging. The box is folded from a single sheet of material for maximum sturdiness and ease of production. A separate insert holds the fudge and spoon in place.

Petite Sweets Promotional Poster

Poster   The poster mimics the box’s viewing window. It displays the product name, each fudge flavor, and the tagline.