Ophelia CD

This redesign of singer/songwriter Natalie Merchant's Ophelia album is based on my interpretation of the title song. The lyrics reflect the fantasy lives of a woman with multiple personalities. I designed images of the song's characters and paired them with complementary floral patterns based on Ophelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Brochure Front and Back Cover

Brochure Front and Back Cover   I associated the meanings of the flowers collected by Shakespeare's Ophelia with the spirit of each imagined life in the song. For example, this spread pairs rosemary (for remembrance) with the song's mentally unstable Ophelia. My color choices were muted. I chose a typeface (Joanna) that had traditional shapes paired with modern details and a distinctive italic.

Brochure Example Spread

Brochure Example Spread   I set the lyrics in a continuous stream. I designed Ophelia's visions as fadeaway girls, lending them anonymity and a not-quite-present presence. The nun pairs with violets for faithfulness; the suffragette (the intellectual) pairs with pansies for thoughts.

CD and Traycard

CD and Traycard   I continued the flower motifs onto the CD and traycard.

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