Japanese Earthquake

This tri-fold brochure gives an overview of the 2011 Japanese triple disaster: the earthquake, the tsunami, and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. I kept the design minimal, opting for a flexible seven-column grid structure and a map infographic.

Japanese Earthquake Brochure

Outside C-panel, back, and cover  

Japan Map

Inside Partially Folded   I designed the two-page full-bleed map of Japan's seismic activity during the earthquake. The brighter the shade of red, the more severe the tremors.

Text Layout

Inside View   I emphasized the most critical information by placing it centrally in the grid and using heavier, denser text type. To further highlight the critical information, I used bold, clear headings with bright red accents on the most important phrases. The map of Japan fades to allow the text to stand out.