Where is the Carousel?

This coffee table book about a fairground romp features cut-paper illustrations, custom illuminated letters, and an original poem.

Where is the Carousel Cover

Cover   The book is hand-bound and secured with a bellyband. The buckle detail is reminiscent of the belt buckle on a carousel horse. The pattern at the bottom is repeated at the top of the carousel horse illustration in the book.

Octopus Ride

Octopus Ride   Each illustration was cut out of a single sheet of black paper, then scanned, edited, and cropped for use in the book. Each title features an illuminated letter from Carnivale, a typeface I designed for the book.


Colophon   The final page in the book, the colophon, shows the entire fairground. The illustration is a photocollage created from elements of all the preceding images.

Gate Fold Page

Gate Fold Page   As with the O in the Octopus spread, the C is from my typeface, Carnivale.

Teacup Ride

Teacup Ride   Detail of the cutout for the teacup ride.


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