Salvona Technologies

I am currently the in-house graphic designer for Salvona Technologies. Salvona develops and manufactures microencapsulation technologies for cosmetics, flavorings, and fragrances. My work is used both internally and in client marketing.


Fact Sheets   I designed a series of single-sheet informational handouts with a standardized layout. They utilize photographic backgrounds in an array of colors and common header and footer schemes to unite the series. Technical information is placed on a white background for maximum readability and to emphasize any illustrations.

Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3

Details - Technology Platforms Sheet   The first image shows a section of my size comparison chart. I display the technologies in color, keeping the referents grayscale, and use bars to show size ranges. The second image shows my layout for the back of this fact sheet, including a white technical information section and a colored company promotional section. The third image shows a section of a spec chart layout. I eliminated the old-fashioned gridded scheme used previously to give a cleaner, more modern feel.

Product Illustration

Sphere Illustration   One of my first projects was to redesign the images of the micro-spheres. These redesigns are used in all of the new and revised company materials. This illustration gives an overview of how a micro-sphere breaks apart. The top section shows structure; the bottom section shows the steps of release of the active ingredient. This diagram is used as a stand-alone informational sheet. The micro-sphere images have also been used as wall decor, on guest ID badges, and in many of the marketing materials.

Product Illustration

Sphere & Skin Illustration   Here is another of my redesigned spheres. This illustration shows how the ingredients from a micro-capsule migrate through the skin and attach to specific nerve receptors. I showed the pairing of ingredient to receptor through both color-coding and shape. I kept the skin as a backdrop by using a complementary orange color scheme and giving the background a 2-D treatment. I used a pull-out to show fine detail. This illustration has been used both stand-alone and incorporated into product fact sheets.


Sample Animation   This is one of my many product-specific Flash animations. This particular animation shows how micro-spheres heal and smooth hair. To tell the story, I set the scene with a sickly hair strand, then used a pull-out to show the details of the micro-sphere working its magic. Finally, I showed a side-by-side comparison of the sickly hair to the shiny, glossy, healthy hair.